Where To Go With Miami Escort Girl

If you are in the city for the first time, then it is good if you can hire an escort to show you different places during the visit. There are many attractions to visit in this city; some are natural while others are man-made. You can visit beaches galore, nightlife areas and other arrays of culture and arts. When you visit the city for the first time, you may want to see everything, but you may not have enough time to do so.

Deco Delights

When you are in the city, you should never miss the Art Deco Historic District. Ask the escort to take you to this place of 1930 architecture. You may start at Art Deco Welcome Center at 1001 Ocean Drive. You can then admire the porthole windows, nautical motif at Ocean Drive Hotels and breezy front Porches.

Latin flavor

If you want to experience Latin flavor, then it is better if you visit Little Havana. When you reach to the On Calle Ocho, you can stroll over to reach to Domino Park and there you can enjoy some local colors. You can walk into any of different cigar shops at the market and you will see firsthand how skilled torcedores hand roll the stogies. Little Havana features many wonderful art galleries with souvenir shops that are selling souvenirs, including classic guayabera shirts and Cuban flags. The great way of experiencing the best of the little Havana in sounds and sight is visiting it during Viernes Culturales/Cultural Fridays. This is an art and cultural events that takes place monthly. This is the place where you can also sample some delicious food of Cuban origins.

Culture Quest

Miami is offering endless cultural offering where you can find ballet and opera symphony concerts with gallery nights. You can take the escort to visit Arsht Center where you can catch a show or you may also visit small venues where you can find modern theater products, comedy and modern dance. You can also visit the museums such as Jewish Museum of Florida, History Miami, Miami Art Museum, Bass Museum of Art, Lowe Art Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art and Art Basel Miami Beach.


You can also visit Vizcaya Museum & Gardens where you can learn how Miami was in one century ago. You will get to see pleasure places that were being built by wealthy industrialists starting from the Newport to reach at San Francisco.

Tropical attraction

The attraction in Miami does offer something for every person. You can step into the Garden of Eden found at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden. You may decide to swim with the dolphins when you visit Miami Seaquarium or meet exotic animals in the Jungle Island. When you visit Zoo Miami, you will be able to see the wild world that have around 2,000 animals that came from Amazon and South America and other places.

Get wet

When you visit Miami beaches, you can stand up the paddleboard, canoe, snorkel, dive or Kayak. You can also enjoy Biscayne National Park, the only underwater park you can find in the country.

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